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Expanding Your Network Comfort Zone by Increasing Your Tool Kit

This past week I authored an article regarding fixed wireless broadband challenging wireline operators to work outside their comfort zone through OSP Magazine). The reality is that fixed wireless broadband (FWBB) is a complimentary technology that allows wireline operators to economically (i.e., profitably) provide broadband access to the unconnected (and…

Increasing the Unlicensed Spectrum is the Right Thing to Do

The recent push by President Obama and the FCC to add more frequencies to unlicensed spectrum will not only boost the tech economy, it is also the right thing to do. Additional unlicensed spectrum is important for both wireless broadband providers, who leverage unlicensed spectrum for their core services, and…

Sightlines Not Required

When we think of wireless broadband, we imagine installations without limits. Distance, water, mountains and foliage should be no hindrance to connectivity. This is why Cambium Networks focuses on bringing wireless broadband to where it’s most difficult, and has been deploying its products in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) situations for a decade.…

Connecting Fans with Their Passion

Sport teams play half of their games on the road, and connectivity enables fans to experience the action in real time. A few months ago, the Ashes Chairman's XI cricket match featured England playing Australia. The match was held at Traeger Park in Alice Springs (just Alice in local parlance),…

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