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Sub-6GHz Point to Point

PTP 700

PTP 650 / 650S / 650L

PTP 600

PTP 500

PTP 450

PTP 450i

PTP 250



Licensed Point to Point

PTP 800

PTP 810

PTP 820


Point to Multipoint

PMP 450

PMP 450i

ePMP 1000*

*Coming Soon (Note: 

ePMP 1000 5.9 GHz)

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Designed for use with our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions, LINKPlanner allows you to easily and quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness.


LINKPlanner allows you to conduct "what if" scenarios based on geography, distance, antenna height, transmit power, and other factors to optimize system performance before purchase.


Available for Microsoft® Windows® and Intel®-based Mac® systems, LINKPlanner is a free, easy to use link-design tool.


Get started today.


LINKPlanner continues to grow in popularity as the most trusted and intuitive RF link planning tool in the industry. Tens of thousands of links have been successfully deployed across the globe using the LINKPlanner.

  • Quick Start – Path profiles are automatically imported into LINKPlanner when you create a new link using the Path Profile Web Service.

  • Graphical Display – Optimize a link before deployment by changing input data to see the effect on performance and throughput. For example, if a link calculation indicates low throughput, then a number of factors (product type, frequency, channel bandwidth, antenna height, antenna size etc) can be changed to see the improvement on link performance.

  • Time-Saving Features – Easy-to-use pull-down menus cut learning time significantly and performance reports provide time-saving deployment guidelines. In addition, a single link or multiple links can be planned simultaneously.

  • Proposal Generation and Installation – LINKPlanner automatically generates bills of material, proposal reports and installation reports simplifying the deployment process.