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Consumer demand for streaming media like Netflix™, the need to support symmetric traffic required of Cloud based services, and provide higher capacity Service Level Agreements are driving the need for service providers to offer 5G like speeds surpassing DSL and Cable while offering throughput comparable to fiber. Wireless broadband network solutions from Cambium Networks offer the wireless fiber throughput speeds customers demand, while providing the high reliablility needed to build customer satisfaction and reduce maintencance costs. Proven in thousands of wireless broadband networks around the world, Point-to-Multipoint solutions provide affordable connectivity for streaming video, voice, and data applications. 

Cambium’s PMP 450m with cnMedusa technology is the first commercially available Massive Multi-user, multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) platform for fixed wireless broadband. The 14x14 integrated antenna array exceeds both 802.11AC Wave 2 and LTE-A planned implementation of 8x8, and yields the ability to support up to seven simultaneous carrier chains. The unprecedented spectral efficiency of the cnMedusa-enabled PMP 450m allows wireless services providers to offer triple play services to existing subscribers, and add new customers, without requiring additional scarce and expensive spectrum. 

Our ePMP wireless broadband solutions provide affordable broadband connectivity in thousands of networks. The latest generation ePMP 2000 wireless Point-to-Multipoint network solution is powered by Hypure™ technology, and includes Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering to reduce interference across large service areas. ePMP 2000 operates in the 5 GHz frequency band making it the ideal solution for increasing network performance in the high-interference, real-world environments faced by wireless Internet service providers around the world. 


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Provide wireless broadband network connectivity at a fraction of the time and expense of fiber or DSL. Fixed wireless broadband access networks connect communities with data, voice, and video services.

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Provide broadband services to unconnected and underconnected businesses and residential customers.

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