Hotel Wi-Fi Solutions

Hospitality managers need to ensure complete, reliable, user friendly broadband coverage throughout hotel, resort, and special event facilities.

Hospitality Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband Solutions

As a component of the total guest experience every hospitality establishment strives to create, hotel WiFi solutions should operate reliably regardless of density, activity, or the physical environment. Hospitality network operators need equipment that perform under both normal conditions and for special events, so guest services personnel can have confidence that their connectivity will rise to any occasion.

Cambium Networks’ diverse portfolio offers affordable, field-proven wireless broadband solutions for any application, from long range backhaul, to multipoint distribution, to indoor and outdoor WiFi connectivity. Our cnMaestro™ cloud-based network management platform facilitates operation with a single pane of glass view and end-to-end control of the entire network. 

Proven to support 100 simultaneous videos streaming sessions, cnPilot™ WiFi Access Points (AP) support up to 256 users and 16 SSIDs to provide not only fair access to all users, but also traffic management and secure communication to distinct user groups. Deliver complete 802.11ac coverage with the dual band cnPilot™ E400 for indoor locations and the E500 for outdoor installations. Upgrade to the higher performance of 802.11ac without expensive infrastructure or equipment licensing, reducing the subscription costs of low capacity leased lines with high-speed wireless broadband point-to-point links.

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  • Wi-Fi in guest rooms
  • Wi-Fi in meeting areas
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi at all locations
  • Licensed microwave backhaul
  • Wireless backhaul transport
  • Wireless video surveillance