Leading education institutions are eliminating islands of connectivity, and providing complete coverage as they migrate to the higher speeds offered by the 802.11ac standard. To increase network reliability and reduce operational costs, they are looking at leveraging one centrally managed communications network to provide end-to-end connectivity.

Classroom WiFi and Wireless Broadband Solutions

Today’s multimedia education environment enables students to reach beyond the classroom, and the entire school campus needs to be connected. At the elementary school level, students learn based on personalized lesson plans, and teachers and parents collaborate on line. Outside of the classroom, connectivity includes WiFi for administrators and staff, video security, and gathering areas. For higher education, connecting the campus includes research labs, dormitories, and sports venues. 

WiFi in a learning environment can ramp quickly to high capacity when classrooms of students simultaneously go online to stream content or videos. Proven to support 100 simultaneous videos streaming sessions, our cnPilot WiFi Access Points (AP) support up to 256 users and 16 SSIDs to provide fair access to all users while providing traffic management and secure communication to distinct user groups.

Reach all classroom, learning center, research lab, and outdoor areas with WiFi coverage with 802.11ac coverage with the dual band cnPilot E400 for indoor locations and the E500 for outdoor coverage.

Migrate to the higher performance of 802.11ac without the high cost of infrastructure or equipment licensing. Reduce the subscription costs of low capacity leased lines with high-speed wireless broadband point-to-point links.

Learning stops when the network is down. Maximize system uptime with a centralized cloud-managed or private management system that monitors and manages the entire wireless network. Centrally manage the network across all schools in the district or the entire higher education campus and confirm system software in all devices and minimize downtime and disruptions.


  • Classroom Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Staff and Administration Wi-Fi
  • Guest Wi-Fi - indoor and outdoor
  • Video Surveillance
  • Connect remote locations