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The Industrial Internet of Things: A Long-Distance Affair

It’s critical for the Industrial IoT (IIoT) network operations center to not only have visibility into remote network nodes, but also the ability to transport information across the field based on data they’ve distilled from the edge of the network.

A Decade of Disruptive Connectivity: 5 Million Milestones

Since launching our suite of PMP solutions more than ten years ago, we have sold more than five million wireless radios in 150+ countries around the world.

The Network Demands of Pope Francis' US Visit

With Pope Francis having made his first sojourn to the U.S., Americans come from near and far for a chance to catch a glimpse of the leader and embodiment of the Catholic faith. Likewise, the residents of Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia had been bracing for the deluge of people flooding into their cities – along with the gridlock traffic one would expect from such a critical mass.

On Our Continuing Journey to Connect the Unconnected – Connecting People, Places and Things

Our goal is, and remains, to extend the reach of broadband globally to be inclusive of everyone and elevate access to education, healthcare, government and business productivity. We still have over 4 billion people to connect globally, so our work is not done.